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Rotary Club Noon Gun Signature Project

Masiphumelele is a township located near Kommetjie and Noordhoek in Cape Town.  It means “we will succeed” in Xhosa and saw the first 500 settlers arrive in the 1980s.  Today over 30 000 people, many unemployed, live in conditions where amenities are scarce, schools are overcrowded, the clinic understaffed, HIV/Aids infection high and no police station is located.

Needless to say, service delivery is bad. Ukhanyo Primary School located in Masiphumelele caters from preschoolers to

the 7th grade and currently has 1400 registered with less than 30 teachers

employed. The school is badly equipped with three classrooms out of use as the

necessary furniture is lacking.  The existing furniture is badly damaged and for this reason pupils share chairs.  Many children lack basic materials such as pencil and paper and for many impoverished pupils the school provides the only daily meal.

What makes Ukhanyo unique is that the school director is very engaged in improving the situation and sees the role of Rotary’s participation as a “help for self help.”  A small group of highly engaged teachers and friends of the school have already implemented successful projects.   The community itself is active in improving the situation even with their limited means.

Projects initiated include a kitchen that provides meals and a field that has been cleared to serve as a sports ground.  Projects in the pipeline include a soup kitchen and offering educational extra mural activities during school holidays.  It is envisaged to start a vegetable garden that can supply the soup kitchen.

Rotary Noon Gun recently initiated a non-perishable food collection that supported 30 impoverished children and their families over the festive season.  After the devastating shack fires, Gunners and friends collected clothing and other basic items to support the 170 families that had lost every possession. This collection continues.

The club is currently raising funds to cover transport costs to import donated school furniture from Germany.  Furthermore, a comprehensive strategic plan has been compiled currently pending discussions with the school’s headmaster. Activities include sourcing regular support for the soup kitchen and obtaining know-how from a local nursery for both the planting of a vegetable garden as well as grassing the sports field.  “Cross pollination” is envisaged to engage the school with the various fundraising activities Noon Gun plans and could include school theatre performances or the selling of arts and crafts created by pupils.

Further plans include supporting the school by providing speakers on nutrition, simple cooking and arts & crafts.  Tapping on hobbies and talents of fellow Rotarians and friends to assist passing on elementary knowledge of plumbing, electrics and carpentry is being addressed.

Interested in how you can make a difference?  Contact us now or call Ron on 079 509 4087.