Unlikely partnership nets five tons of food

Hans Duncker Rotary Noon Gun delivers to Marlis Schaper of Little Lambs in Hout Bay

When two unlikely partners the women’s only gym Curves and the Rotary Club of Noon Gun joined forces in a recent project, the result was an astounding 5000 kg of non perishable food items collected for a good cause.

Members of 20 Curves clubs in the greater Cape Town area generously contributed towards the food drive run over a period of one month. Making use of District 9350’s club network, the food was then distributed to various Rotary feeding schemes across the Peninsular and beyond including schools, old age homes and nursery schools.Curves owner with trolley loads of food.

“Curves and its members wish to give back to the less fortunate in our society,” explains multi-club owner Rika Griffiths. “There are children out there that only have one meal a day which is provided at school. Imagine if 100 other organizations did the same what an impact on elevating hunger it would have.” She further explained that their individual clubs did not have the network and logistics to distribute the collection. “We approached Rotary because by partnering with such an organisation we could ensure that the food would get to those in need.”

Mike Schroeder far left and Margit Pilz far right from Rotary Am Kap with Masibathande children in Kayalitsha

Rotary Noon Gun matched up the various participating Curves clubs with the nearest Rotary clubs shortening the logistics chain of collection and distribution. “Our strength in this project was the Rotary network we had at our disposal and of course our reputation as a humanitarian organisation,” says club president Hans Duncker. “Many clubs in our district assist schools located in some of the most poverty stricken areas of the Cape supporting the poor and destitute through feeding schemes. For this reason partnering with Curves made sense. There is nothing more humbling than seeing the face of child light up when receiving a meal.” He added that 5000 kg of food equated to 20 000 tins weighing 250gm each.

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